REFERENCES - What clients say:

In the pitch process for the media budget of Dextro Energy, we were assisted by Mr. Michael Enzenauer in a structured selection process. All persons involved felt the cooperation with Michael Enzenauer as fair, efficient, sympathetic and professional. In the process, we learned a couple of new things about the agency landscape, the interaction of the media partners and ultimately found the right partner for us.


Viola Ehrenbeck, Head of Marketing / Authorised Officer Dextro Energy GmbH & Co. KG

NDR Media faced a major challenge: a systematic review of resources and value creation. With the help of Enzenauer Unternehmensberatung, we have carried out a strategic and operational analysis of the market potential for radio advertising in Nielsen 1 and on this basis have conducted a structured market survey Organizational development initiated. The know-how of Michael Enzenauer was and is extremely helpful here, since he always not only has the operationalized KPIs in his field of vision, but also strongly incorporates the factor quality of media as well as the perspectives of customers and the market into our analyzes. As an additional product of this consultation, we are actively involved in the portfolio expansion of non-linear moving image content. Here, too, Michael Enzenauer provided valuable insights for our plans. And last but not least, we were able to build on a junior executive in coaching and development.

Conclusion: Michael Enzenauer was not only the architect for a house of this kind, he has also contributed his expertise for the establishment.


Carsten Neitzel, Managing Director NDR Media GmbH

In 2017, Enzenauer Unternehmensberatung was commissioned by us to carry out a national media agency pitch as a consultant or project manager. Due to his many years of experience in the cooperation between agency and advertisers, as well as excellent knowledge of the agency landscape, evaluation and selection criteria and conditions, we were able to successfully complete the project within 6 months. Thanks to Mr. Enzenauer's excellent work, we have succeeded in finding the media agency that best meets our requirements for quality-targeted and quantitatively efficient media services. Thank you very much to him.


Stephan Seidel, Managing Director Groupe Clarins Deutschland                Dagmar Holick, Director Communications Clarins GmbH


GfK has used Enzenauer Unternehmensberatung for a media project in Austria, in which GfK has used its expertise in media planning, media management and its insights into the media as well as its business management experience. With his expertise, Mr. Enzenauer has structured, analyzed and prepared authoritative information that forms the basis for the solution in an intensive communication phase with the market participants.In addition to his expertise, his specific knowledge of the market, we have also greatly valued Mr Enzenauer's energy and his consideration of information from different perspectives. We will gladly consult Mr. Enzenauer again and gladly recommend his services.

Ludger Wibbelt, GfK Head of Media Measurement Central Europe

I got to know Michael Enzenauer not only as a competent but above all as a practically helpful specialist. One of his supervised media agency contracts for a common mandate contained on his operation some special elements that I did not know and from the customer's point of view appreciated very much:


Clearly structured terms of reference

Detailed catalog of the consultancy services owed with attached term key, so that even a layman understands the rights and obligations of the agency.


Precise cost base

Purchase and onward reimbursement of media services according to a transparent key and procedure.


Soft skills as a parameter of contractual obligations

Initial and comparative compilation of binding customer expectations to the agency in a 10-point catalog developed by Mr. Enzenauer himself.


From my point of view, these building blocks of a media agency contract represent a very good foundation for a long and stable customer relationship with an agency partner. I personally like that very much. The soft skills fixed by Mr. Enzenauer would probably be useful in many contracts involving a lot of money, personal trust and the provision of higher-quality services.


Dr. Andreas Lubberger, Lubberger Lehment, Law Firm for Intellectual Property, Berlin

From September 2016 to November 2017, Mr. Michael Enzenauer was entrusted with the restructuring of the ECHO Publishing Group as interim Managing Director. During this time, he successfully transformed the company from a very desperate situation into a stable company and successfully averted a concrete threat of insolvency risk. We are very satisfied with the performance and commitment of Mr. Enzenauer, and like to confirm this with this letter of reference. Its essential tasks besides the obligatory management of a company include (s): Assessment of economic and organizational requirements, analysis and re-structuring of costs and earnings structure, optimization of internal and external business processes, customer and supplier management (clients, agencies and operational management) Business partners), insolvency examination and insolvency preparation, in close consultation with a specialist lawyer for insolvency law (Guido-Friedrich Weiler), negotiations with creditors and negotiations with the shareholders, liquidity analysis and optimization, debt recovery, fiscal votes, audit of over-indebtedness and balance sheet adjustments (in vote with a tax consultant), legal documentation and preparation of legal measures against the former management, search for a corporate successor and company sales preparation. Result: Successful sale of the refurbished company in spring 2017.We expressly thank Mr. Enzenauer for his professional and dedicated support. In a very short time, he led the company out of the crisis into a healthy future. We recommend it to others.


For the shareholders: Guido-Friedrich Weiler Lawyer & Specialist Solicitor for Insolvency Law

Michael Enzenauer provided us with perfect insights into the professional media business and contributed significantly to developing a strategy for our market approach. His suggestions were very well received by our customers. Thank you very much!
Markus Ruppe, Managing Director

                                                     Zeitungsmarktforschung Gesellschaft der deutschen Zeitungen (ZMG) mbH