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How many "views" does a radio station need?

Demands on established and new radio stations to meet the challenges in the tension between listener and customer and to stabilize the revenues.


The dealer no longer knows his customers. The manufacturer (OEM) all the better.

The increasing digitization of mass media and people's digital product search requires new concepts for merchants to gain access to the consumer.


The orientation search of the media agencies in the media wholesale and retail trade

How do media agencies work? What is the system behind? And are the loud allegations against them really justified? Which options for brands bring which success? An insider reports and documents, transparently and professionally. And above all objectively.


Content is King. When does FC Bayern Munich buy the ARD Sportschau?

What does Content is King mean for a brand? What for e.g. a radio station? How will the supply and demand for content develop? Will content be traded on the stock exchange soon?


Is there a clash in the television industry (through Smart TV technology)?

Internet-enabled TV sets bring more and different content to the screen. What does that mean for linear television? What are the consequences for broadcasters, producers and distributors?


Look what my Smart TV device can do ... The ultimate convergent advertising machine in the living room

DLM Symposium March 2017, Berlin: Presentation on the symbiosis of linear and non-linear television and its effects on legal and content possibilities, problems and limits under the current legal conditions 





Publications and Presentations about Media Agencies, Medien Business, Publishers, Media Politics, about Media-Strategy, Smart TV and non-lineare Video.Management, Multichannel-Communication and Content Marketing.


03/2017  DLM Symposium, Berlin: "Look what my Smart TV can do ... The ultimate convergent advertising machine in the living room"

10/2015  Medientage München 2015: "Smart TV - Looking at the audience? Perspectives for Connected Television "

06/2014  Conference Smart TV FH Düsseldorf, keynote speech "Will there be a clash in the television industry?" - Conference initiated and   
                 realized with Prof. dr. Olexiy Khabyuk and the HSD

03/2014  Content Marketing Congress, Cologne: "Content Markting @ Smart TV" - together with PayPal (Johannes Claudi)

12/2013  Dossier Prof. Dr. med. Klaus Brüne, Hochschule RheinMain - Wiesbaden Business School, on "Smart TV: Opportunities for the
                Advertisers? " In cooperation with Alexander Tulke and Michael Enzenauer

12/2013  Interview Springer for Professionals: With Smart TV, convergence has arrived in the living room

09/2013  Seven steps to create a TV app for eCommerce

07/2013  Content Marketing: TV App as a virtual flagship store

06/2013  DMAX launches Connected TV App (acquisition and production Michael Enzenauer / MEKmedia)

05/2013  OXID Commons 2013: "TV Advertising 3.0 - From One-Dimensional Broadcast to Entertaining Transaction Medium"

04/2013  Microsoft ELAN: "Future Designers"

03/2013  Streaming technology "Adaptive Streaming" for Smart TV

04/2013  "Simply smart advertising"

11/2012  "Current developments in Smart TV and how companies can profitably use the new channel"

05/2012  LEAD Sport Digital Congress, Munich, Lecture "Football and Connected TV: The Future of Football in Interactive TV" - et al Effects on
                 the rights management and the coming content competition, perhaps even on the capital market.

03/2012  "Streaming Video Summit 2012"

01/2012  "Advertising will shift into apps"

12/2011  "Smart TV conquers the living room"