Understand your counterpart, his motivation, and anticipate
the behavior of "the other side of the desk".

Agencies. Media. Brands. Companies. We know all different perspectives. In various positions of the communication industry we have worked on different sides. And always negotiated with the parties "on the other side of the desk". We have prepared decisions, taken decisions and carried them out. Today, we provide that knowledge for your business to your advantage.


We have always done our job with passion. With passion for media and for brands. And with empathy.

Media and brands are alive. Emotionally. Not just ROI and KPI. Of course, it's about "discounts and conditions". But at least as important are the motivations, the brands, the people. And empathy. And a non-interest-driven treatment of the parties. Quality and quantity. Analog and digital. With the knowledge about the interests of the other and the rules of the market. We show you the perspective of the other side of the desk.

We combine professional insights with empathy. For better solutions.

Empathy refers to the ability and willingness to recognize and understand another person's thoughts, emotions, motives, and personality traits. Empathy also involves responding to the feelings of others, such as compassion, grief, pain or aiding impulses. The basis of empathy is self-perception; the more open one is to one's emotions, the better one can interpret the feelings of others. Empathy thus not only plays a role in relation to other people, but is also significant in terms of self-empathy. Empathy plays a fundamental role in many sciences, from criminology to political science, psychotherapy, psychology, physiology, education, linguistics, medicine and psychiatry to management or marketing


We are professionals in the field of media and media agencies. And meanwhile also in the enterprise optimization. Have a look under Experiences. Therefore, we offer a very special combination of expertise and business management.


Media Consulting
Structures and evaluations Media planning and media purchasing

Structures and processes in media sales

Structures, processes and concepts between media buying and selling

Solutions and Implementations

Development and organization of purchasing and sales solutions

Development and implementation of Owned Media solutions

Development and implementation of technical data management

Digital Transformation
Paradigm shift in customer relationships for retailers and service providers

Development of media to the digital requirements of customers

Development of Owned Media solutions for brands

Interim Management - Management, Media Management etc.
Re-organization, reorganization and enterprise optimization
Project Management
Business optimization up to insolvency prophylaxis


Media Assessment process in an economic dispute

In an economic dispute, we as experts and appraisers have made an economic assessment of the damage that had occurred over a long period of time. But "damage" in the media business is an ambiguously defined quantity. Here, the unique competence of Enzenauer Consulting emerged: The technical expertise in the media sector, which includes economic indicators as well as market-realistic scenarios, as well as the knowledge of terms, corporate governance and the secure handling of the P&L (Profit and Loss) or the scenarios of a  virtual P&L reconstruction under changed parameters leads to a rating that goes far beyond the usual media KPIs. If you are concerned, have you ever considered how the damage in your case is defined?


Media agency evaluation and selection process.

Once again, a relationship level between an advertiser and its media agency was disturbed. The disorder was caused i.a. from lack of communication, which often leads to disruption and critical loss of trust. We first made a structured evaluation of the current situation, both the bilateral processes and KPIs, as well as the requirements of the company based on the company resources, structure and goals. This will be followed by a call for tender and review of the KPIs - not just the costs, but the focus of the qualitative services. Because effectiveness and efficiency are complementary, but sometimes also competitive goals. And empathy always plays a key role in choosing a partner.

Relationship Management Unfortunately, these issues are too common. We have established two solutions for this:

a. Disruption and Relationship Management: As soon as a party experiences a disruption, we offer bilateral mediation and bilateral incident management. This can come from both the advertiser or the agency. By the way: It does not have to be a media agency, other types of agencies can use this pitch prophylaxis as well.

b. With a structured process, we first analyze the expectations, but also the predictive requirements of the advertiser in order to define the resources and future requirements of external partners. This is followed by an assessment and a formal application and selection procedure, also with a structured basis. We would like to introduce you to these methods.


Interim Management - Insolvency Avoidance and Restructuring.

In the autumn of 2016, we were asked by the shareholders of a smaller publishing house to substitute the management at short notice and to restructure the company. We quickly realized that the company was already threatened with over-indebtedness at that time and that there was a risk of insolvency. In the short term, therefore, the necessary analyzes and measures had to be taken, because the deadlines for impending insolvency are extremely short. Within three weeks, the balance sheets were retrospectively reviewed over the long term, ambiguities were identified and documented, claims were reviewed and formally asserted, liabilities were analyzed and debated with the creditors. Within the deadline, plan scenarios and creditor negotiations were carried out, which could be completed positive and successfully. The company was reorganized with a financial statements that consolidated all the problems and shortcomings of the past, and successfully sold in 2017.


Corporate Planning of Sales Organization.

A media company observed strong changes in the market, which could lead to risks in sustainability and revenue. The company sought orientation in good time and, with Enzenauer Consulting, evaluated market structures, the complexity of market parameters and the contractual basis. On this basis, organizational optimisations were made in the organization as well as external variables, which led to a stabilization of the P & L and the company.


Optimization of Sales Result.

We helped a media company to optimize its sales and revenues. In inter- and intramedial competition, analyzes and processes were developed and implemented that lead to a significant optimization.



We have supported a medium in the professionalization of its marketing. With the marketing team and the management a Should-Be-Comparison, a potential analysis and a marketing strategy developed, which is based on economic data and product characteristics. Even with media, a break-even analysis is possible to plan revenues and investments in a structured manner.


Corporate Planning Media Business: "Do you still need a media agency in the future?".

Again and again we are asked whether an advertiser still needs a media agency in the future. A question that has been heard more and more often lately but is often considered very rudimentary. Our opinion: The right question is not whether, but what you need of a media agency? And which type of media agency you use for it. Media agencies have very different DNA, a company should seek and find its optimal agency with structured goals and empathy. We are happy to help.