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Optimum performance for your media investments


You invest money in advertising, and expect maximum ROI (Return on Investment). And want to further optimize the cost-performance ratio. You not only plan the use of analog, but also digital forms of advertising, such as Web, social media, mobile apps, multichannel platforms, Smart TV, HbbTV, Web Radio or Digital OOH solutions, and want neutral and objective advice. We are experienced media professionals, and have provided media planning and media purchasing for many national and international brands in all media and advertising forms, e.g. as leaders in international media agencies. We assist you in the development and implementation of your campaigns and your organization, your team and your know-how. We train, organize and take care of your media tasks. And optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of your budget.

FOr publishers


Optimum revenue for your Inventory


You earn money through advertising by monetizing your inventory, and have to prove yourself daily in the fight for the advertising money. You are in the tough inter-and intra-media competition for budgets, and must continuously offer new ideas and solutions. You sense that your customers (agencies and advertisers) today have other requirements, e.g. according consumer information and data, and the processes and decision cycles change. What happens in the background, what are the motives? And how do you prepared yourself on that premises? We are experienced media professionals, have made media decisions for many national and international brands and realized media purchasing in all media and forms of advertising, e.g. as leaders in international media agencies. We assist you in designing your supply, your offers, your sales organization and structure, teams and technology. Your marketing. Of your company. We train, organize and do your media work. And implement the "digital transformation" with you.

Digital Transformation


New ways to the customers


Digital transformation is the name of the company's transformation in the digital age. Above all, it is about changing customers, communication and business relationships and value chains. Planning, controlling, optimizing and implementing the value added chain of a company in the digital era is a fundamental requirement for securing the future of the company as a whole. The identification of the effects of digitization on existing business models. Whole value chains are changing. The lasting change and reorientation of communication, marketing, sales and service are essential. Take advantage of new technologies as an opportunity to transform existing business models and generate new business opportunities from technical and functional value driven innovations.